Lotus Academy Level 3

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Lotus Academy Level 3

Post by ANWAG » Thu Jul 02, 2015 8:53 pm

Just back from the turnip farms in Norfolk after a great Sunday on the Hethel track doing the Lotus level 3 licence.

There were 3 of us in a group with an instructor. We started off on the circular driving pan trying to do donuts round the pan's circumference. Firstly, drive off slipping the clutch then full lock and plenty of revs to get the back end out then balance the car on the gas and steering. Difficult to do in the Elise due to it's short wheelbase. Next we spent some time practicing trail braking and heel and toe techniques. The slalom was next which was great fun. The afternoon was taken up driving on track. We each got a turn driving the Elise S, Evora S and Exige S. The latter was LH drive so we all had difficulty changing gear whilst thinking lines and speed etc. Alas, the rain came down at 2 p.m. making the track a bit slippy but nevertheless a great day was had by all.

Monday morning was spent at the plant getting my Evora navigation hardware replaced as it had stopped working. Scott Walker kindly took me round the factory. Great service from the Lotus guys.

Was the course worth the money? Well nothing in motor 'racing' is cheap and you could buy 2 track days at Oulton Park with Caterham hire for the price of the course. Then there is B&B, petrol at 26 MPG food and drink etc. However, if you consider lying about on a Spanish beach for a week attracting skin cancer as a comparison I would say the Hethel Sunday was the best value.

Thanks go to the driving academy guys, Scott Walker and Neil Turner at Lotus for their king help and hospitality.
Andy :) :)

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