Part winter rebuild

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Re: Part winter rebuild

Post by Dave C » Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:52 am

oggy wrote:
Dave C wrote:Looks like satisfying work...if only I had the time/space/skills !!
Dave you own a V6 Exige which you pay people to service I own a S1 Elise that I repair myself I wish I had your skill set :lol:
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Re: Part winter rebuild

Post by mikeydude » Wed Dec 14, 2016 11:43 pm

jbs_type25 wrote:
mikeydude wrote:forgive my ignorance ...but where do these additional fasteners go and what do they fasten?
I doubled up the mounting screws holding the radiator surround panel to the crashbox. Also doubled up the screws holding the wheel arch liners to the car. I used the VW rawl plugs, which are a square hole fitment, then used the VW torx screws to hold it all down, so everything is properly bolted together and doesn't move around. If you click on one of the photos above, youll get into my photobucket album, the only pictures I have are on there, but check the little white plastic things screwed into the crashbox, then look for the black torx screws one the rad surround panel.

Got it!!...great mods...
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